Alchemist (PortalX Remix)

by Christin Light




I gather my tinder
slosh gasoline around

but I burn, burn
clearer each time
the lock that was stuck
snaps open wide
and i yearn, i yearn
my back's to the ground
but i am an alchemist
turning fire into...

blood, blood
swirls through my veins
pumps through my heart
and drives me insane
and i know, i know
that you're still the same
but i am an alchemist
turning blood into...

..words, words
fly off the page
sear through my mind
and haunt me for days
and i know, i know
that i've really changed

but i am an alchemist
i am an arsonist
i am an alchemist

i walk down the side of
the hill with regret
for the things
i won't forgive,
but that i'll forget

so i'll be...
a catalyst
i'll be, i'll be
a catalyst
For I am an alchemist
I am an arsonist
I am a catalyst

And I burn, burn
the eternal return
I burn, burn
back to the source
and I burn, I burn
For I am an alchemist
I am an arsonist
I am a catalyst
turning to gold into lead


released July 6, 2014
Music and Lyrics by Christin Light
Vocals by Christin Light recorded by Nathan Hernandez at oLive Music in Minneapolis (
Remix by PortalX / Ryan Summers (



all rights reserved


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Christin Light Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hailing from the wilds of Western Wisconsin, Christin Light channels kooky and haunting compositions into being. Any instrument vaguely resembling a piano sends her in a flurry of excitement and leads to impromptu concerts on anything from a harpsichord to a carillon from Toronto to Guatemala. Christin is currently soundscaping & recording with electronic rock project Holo Mink. ... more

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